We’re a Specialty Coffee roaster suppling wholesale coffee beans without the added costs that come with training, servicing and supplying equipment. Our focus is entirely on getting you top quality coffee at an affordable price.

Sourcing only specialty-grade beans from the best coffee producing regions across the globe, we roast fresh each week using Loring roasting machines for the cleanest, most consistent coffee possible. Our roastery is based in Brisbane and we ship across Australia.

Cafes, restaurants and retail coffee brands that just want consistently tasty, Specialty-Grade coffee at an affordable price… without all the bells and whistles of training and equipment (or any lock-in contracts).

To keep our coffee tasty and your costs low, we currently offer just two coffee products:

House Blend – a medium-roasted coffee suitable for espresso brews. Expect notes of rich milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. This is a crowd pleaser as it has bold flavour without bitterness and works equally well as a black or milk-based coffee.

Seasonal Filter – we carefully select unique single-origin beans (often from micro-lot producers) and roast to highlight their unique properties. These coffees are typically best served as a filter brew and are suitable for customers who like variety and more interesting brews.

We only use 100% Arabica beans that are considered Specialty Grade (80+ SCA scored).

We supply our coffee in 1kg kraft coffee bags stamped with our logo and the details of the roast (including roast date).

The minimum order is 10kg (per coffee). The more you order, the cheaper the coffee gets.

Simply click here to start shopping immediately. You don’t need to create an account. Please note that all orders must be paid upfront.

If you’re a Brisbane local, we’ll deliver for free every Wednesday. If your order needs shipping, it’ll be sent via courier with rates calculated at checkout directly from the courier. You’ll receive an email with tracking details as soon as the courier has been booked. 

We have some great industry connections across Australia and can happily point you in the right direction for training and equipment

We can absolutely create a custom blend and/or pack into your own packaging. There are higher minimum order quantities and additional costs for this service. Please contact us for more information.